I have no clue I am this heartbroken. You just don’t leave my mind. I always picture the memories we had together and cry my eyes out because it hurts a whole awful lot. It hurts when I see you and talk to you like we’re friends. Sure, I want to be friends, but not now. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I know it’s been months but who gets a say on how long it takes a person to move the fuck on? It can take days, weeks, months, even years. I just really miss you and I wish you still cared.

9 months ago
I remember crying over you and I don’t mean a couple of tears and I’m blue. I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon.

— The Avett Brothers, Tear Down the House (via wethinkwedream)

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It’s been eight months since you decided to walk out of my life. Since then I’ve tried living my life without you. It turned out to be okay except for the fact I still have that emptiness lingering inside my heart. There is a void that only you can fill. I fooled myself into believing that I was okay without you, that it was okay if you fell in love with someone else. I proved myself wrong. I broke down when I saw how much effort you put in for that other girl. It broke my heart because she was my friend. She was our friend. I told her she should give you a chance because I saw how much you were willing to do anything for her. I really was jealous because I didn’t see you doing that for me. I really wanted you to be happy even though it pierced my heart very much. Although, seeing you with her now, I don’t know how long I can pretend that I’m okay. 

9 months ago
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I was prepared, but it still hurt.

— Hiro Fujiwara  (via brokenpromisesanddbrokenhearts)

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